Risk Management

We remain resolute in our focus around overall risk management and thinking long-term. We place an emphasis on environmental safety and creating a healthy and safe working environment for our employees, customers, fuel suppliers, and contractors.

We also recognize that managing tail risks is a core component of any prudent organization exposed to the world of finance and commodities. We see insurance and systematic, tailored financial risk transfer structures as critically important value drivers to the Gladieux operating model.  We believe this not only minimizes losses during times of severe market volatility and duress, but also permits us to opportunistically capitalize on such potential disruptions.

At Gladieux, we do things the right way – there are no shortcuts.

We don’t run from risk, nor do we blindly accept risk.  Rather, we focus on quantitatively maximizing the return relative to our risk – compressing the risk so that our upside has an asymmetric profile versus our absolute risk exposure.  This leads to a more consistent rate of return, enabling a more predictable reinvestment in both people and assets, the true engines of growth.