Our Guiding Principles

Our founder, Mr. James M. Gladieux, is credited with establishing the guiding principles that we so diligently work to preserve and represent: hard work, honesty, and humility.

We possess a highly entrepreneurial culture that underpins a “can-do, easy” attitude, which is the primary determinant of our success.  We set our own level of expectations and the art of what we believe to be possible.  We humbly serve our customers, we embrace risk and the effort it takes to solve complex problems, while encouraging, nurturing, and respecting our most valued asset, our employees.  You can have the greatest assets in the world, but without the right people they are worthless.     

We believe that luck is the marriage of opportunity and preparation – the Gladieux team always keeps us prepared.  This allows us to quickly assess and respond appropriately to both challenges and opportunities as they arise, even in the face of uncertainty.

Our Community Impact

Gladieux is a community & relationship driven company. 

At Gladieux, we value our role in the community as a good citizen. We work towards strengthening our bonds between our company and the local community. Whether sponsoring a local youth sports league, or committing time, energy and resources into a new project, we are a committed, long-term investor to the communities we serve.

Gladieux Energy sponsored soccer team